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Like a Moth to a Flame by EstellaMarieRose Like a Moth to a Flame :iconestellamarierose:EstellaMarieRose 18 0
Mature content
From Pain to Pleasure Dwalin x Reader (Lemon) :iconestellamarierose:EstellaMarieRose 52 12
His Frozen Heart ~ Thorin x Reader Chapter 13
~ Flashback ~
    “(F/N),” her father asked, scooping the young dwelf into his arms. “What are you doing home so early? I thought you and the young prince were going to play today.”
    The dwarf closed the door behind him and showered his daughter with scratchy kisses, eliciting a high-pitched squeal and a peal of giggles, but as quickly as it came so it left as she shook her head, tossing her small braid about. “No. Thorin and his family are going to visit their khagun’s grave.”
    “Must’ve been lonely then,” Simi sighed, pressing his forehead to hers. “You should have stopped by the armory then. I needed a few hands today.”
    A long moment passed as they listened to the sounds of Erebor just beyond their front door. The marketplace was several floors down but it still roared with life. Merchants an
:iconestellamarierose:EstellaMarieRose 65 30
The Tell-Tale Heart by EstellaMarieRose The Tell-Tale Heart :iconestellamarierose:EstellaMarieRose 1 0
His Frozen Heart ~ Thorin x Reader Chapter 12
Note: Black Speech is in bold again.
    “Five, six, seven, eight,” Gandalf said to himself through labored breath as he and the dwarves made their away out of Goblintown. He stopped, looking at the passing dwarves. “Bifur, Bofur – that’s ten. Fili, Kili. That’s twelve… and Bombur. That makes thirteen.”
    He looked up at the mountain, waiting for a mop of curly hair and his little dwelf to follow, but there was nothing. The stillness disgruntled the wizard and Gandalf frowned, knitting his bushy white brows together. He turned again, hoping to see the two had snuck up behind him.
    “Where’s Bilbo?” he asked. Knowing (F/N) as well as he did, Gandalf assumed she would follow after Bilbo, keeping their little burglar safe. “Where’s our hobbit?”
    There was silence as the dwarves panted, looking about them for their missing member. Gan
:iconestellamarierose:EstellaMarieRose 56 32
Broken Rules by EstellaMarieRose Broken Rules :iconestellamarierose:EstellaMarieRose 2 0
His Frozen Heart ~ Thorin x Reader Chapter 11
Note/Warning: There is a torture scene in this chapter so please read with caution. Black Speech will be in bold for smoother reading. It'll just be in this chapter and a few others, but I will let you know.

    There is something about nightfall that invited abandoned thoughts. Thorin found himself wide awake among his sleeping men, tortured by his thoughts of his decision less than a day ago. His chest twisted as he recalled (F/N)’s reaction to his harsh words. He admitted that it may have been exaggerated, but he had just cause. Thorin was afraid of being hurt again, being betrayed.
    You’re not the only one that is hurting. Her words echoed in his mind as the scenes replayed. He had seen genuine desperation and pain in her eyes when she pleaded for him to listen. He could easily recall the tears that lined her eyes and how he longed to brush them away. Seeing her so vulnerable, he wanted nothing more to hold her close and k
:iconestellamarierose:EstellaMarieRose 45 31
Tolkien Cover by EstellaMarieRose Tolkien Cover :iconestellamarierose:EstellaMarieRose 5 0
His Frozen Heart ~ Thorin x Reader Chapter 10
    Warning: This chapter contains some slight violence, cursing in Black Speech, and gore for those with a weak stomach.
    For once she was grateful to have eaten all of her food, otherwise her stomach would have ruined her cover. She scanned her surroundings on the rocky path through the Misty Mountains, careful to walk close to the mountain’s face, away the growls and grunts atop the ledge above her. She closed her eyes, and focused on leveling her breathing. Her heart raced as she looked to the dark sky watching as it lightened with the coming of day. Please let them be goblins, she prayed. Surprisingly, it did not take the dwelf long to make it to the High Pass. She had barely made it to the Goblin’s entrance, surveying just how vast the goblin’s territory went. There had been several signs of goblin raids with stray belongings strewn about and signs of struggle, but she hadn’t considered goblins wo
:iconestellamarierose:EstellaMarieRose 39 20
His Frozen Heart ~ Thorin x Reader Chapter 9
    Seated around the old dwarf lord, the company could feel the air grow tense, as if freezing them in their positions. The boisterous dwarves were now quieter than a hobbit, standing and sitting around the fire. The crackling and snap of the logs filled the void. Some stared into its flames, entranced by its dance as it licked the air. Others looked to Balin, intrigued by the tale of (F/N)’s origins.
Balin sighed into the flames, glancing at the young princes. “It is no surprise that you two had no knowledge of it. You were wee lads when they were very much in love.”
    Bilbo, already stunned with the little information he was given, gaped. “As in – in love? With each other?”
    Dwalin was irritated at his interruption. “Aye and not a soul in Erebor or Ered Luin could deny it.”
    Sensing Dwalin’s hostility, Bilbo shrunk back into his imaginary corner and looked to Bal
:iconestellamarierose:EstellaMarieRose 42 23
His Frozen Heart ~ Thorin x Reader Chapter 8
    The sun was slowly setting, casting a vibrant wave of orange and hues of pink across the sky and the life it touched. The world was beginning its descent into rest and rejuvenation while the sun let out its last beautiful burst of light; however, Rivendell was awakening. The company adjusted to their private quarters, rejoicing in their brief moment of comfort and shelter. There was to be no night watch, no tracking precautions, and no evasive maneuvers tonight and for Mahal’s sake, they needed it. The dwarves had no idea of their fatigue until they sat on their beds, suddenly overwhelmed with aching pain and sore feet.
    Thorin watched the sun set from the window of their quarters, listening to his men cheer and laugh as if they were in a pub. Despite his reluctance, he was grateful that he had accepted their offer. Looking to his men, he had seen the toll of the journey. It was nothing compared to the trek from Erebor to the Blue Mountains, b
:iconestellamarierose:EstellaMarieRose 50 10
His Frozen Heart ~ Thorin x Reader Chapter 7
               With the adrenaline coursing through their veins, they made their way into the Trollshaws as fast as their stout dwarven legs could take them, mentally cursing their ponies that had abandoned them. Sprinting from one boulder to another, they watched with careful eyes as Radagast led the orc pack away, laughing and cheering at their futile attempts to catch him and his Rhosgobel rabbits. Moments ago, they had thought of the old wizard insane, but never had they been so grateful that he had been with them.
               Seeking refuge behind a large boulder, they paused to catch their breath, their lungs burning and blood pumping faster at the sound of the nearby orcs and wargs. As they pushed past the boulder, Thorin saw the pack not far from them and with nothing to cover them as the orcs passed, he pulled the company back, pulling a frantic Ori by the collar ba
:iconestellamarierose:EstellaMarieRose 51 14
Ink Frames  by EstellaMarieRose Ink Frames :iconestellamarierose:EstellaMarieRose 1 0
His Frozen Heart ~ Thorin x Reader Chapter 6
    As the dwarves hoisted each other out of the sacks and off the spit, (F/N) slipped her arms back into her fur coat and walked around the troll statues, running her hand over its rigid surface. Moments ago, these three trolls had just been foraging for food, hungry and surviving like the company. Running her fingers over Bert’s stone face, crumpled in pain, she grinned to herself. Had it not come to this, she truly would have loved to talk to them. It wasn’t common to see trolls so talkative, especially about food. It wouldn’t have hurt to learn how they cooked the different creatures on Middle-Earth.
    In the corner of her eye, a light bounced off a shiny object and she bent to pick up her fallen knife, letting it glide through her fingers and roll in her palm. Its sleek and slender shape that made elven craftsmanship famous differed from the angular and bulky design of the dwarves. It could not penetrate as well as the weight of a
:iconestellamarierose:EstellaMarieRose 50 12
His Frozen Heart ~ Thorin x Reader Chapter 5
       That was the final straw.
       “Please enlighten me,” (F/N) said, shrugging her coat and belt on. “Whose bright idea was it to leave the burglar alone? And how could you not have seen the bloody trolls?!”
       Not only had she been interrupted during her much-needed meditation, but to learn that the young princes thought it best to leave their burglar alone with trolls, she had deemed this to be not one of her best nights. Still hinging on the fact that Thorin was a blockheaded idiot who refused to put his past behind him, she was entirely frustrated and mentally exhausted. Try to fix one and another falls apart, she thought to herself with a sigh. Time for Mummy to clean up the mess. Again.
       The company could sense her frustration and left the boys to answer the question, arming themselves quickly. Most of them knew well enough to stay aw
:iconestellamarierose:EstellaMarieRose 54 16
His Frozen Heart ~ Thorin x Reader Chapter 4
         After a long day of trekking through a deluge, the company set up camp outside the Trollshaws, but not before watching Gandalf storm off in a fit of rage – no doubt Thorin’s doing. Watching the wizard storm past her, (F/N) couldn’t help but reach out for his arm. Since she was still on Hugo, it wasn’t too difficult to stop him. Looking into his eyes, she tried to read him and frowned when she couldn’t find anything, but frustration and exhaustion.
        “Gandalf?” she whispered. She had hoped that Gandalf would not leave for too long or abandon them completely. As much as she found his spontaneous exits amusing, she had an uneasy feeling about his ventures during the quest. Throughout most of their journey so far, he had been jumpy and secretive when she tried prying.
        The old wizard sighed and patted her shoulder. “Have I ever expressed my admiration for y
:iconestellamarierose:EstellaMarieRose 53 9


Mature content
Dwalin/OC Smut :iconwytchdr:WytchDr 9 2
Thorin Oakenshield by 11syphuama Thorin Oakenshield :icon11syphuama:11syphuama 55 10
Remembrance (Hobbit Fanfiction)
Spring always came with a sting of pain for Bilbo. The pain of loss, and of roads not taken. Yet, on that particular spring, of the year 3000 of the Third Age, the pain was a little sweeter. Perhaps it was because Bilbo had plans for a new journey, one from which he did not mean to come back.
It had been spring when Thorin Oakenshield and his Company of merry dwarves had shown up at his door more than half a century before. It had been that exact day of the year, April 24th, only later, in the evening. They had come to take him on a real adventure, beyond the borders of the Shire, employing his services as burglar in the quest to steal a most precious gem from under the belly of a fire-breathing dragon and thus help Thorin and his companions take back their long-lost homeland. He had gone, expecting to return a changed hobbit. You will not be the same, Gandalf had warned him, and, indeed, he was not.
It was no secret that he was different since he had returned from his adventure. The o
:iconmirielofgisborne:MirielOfGisborne 13 4
Romantic Scene by aenaluck Romantic Scene :iconaenaluck:aenaluck 2,271 143 Lee Pace by hugmedeadly Lee Pace :iconhugmedeadly:hugmedeadly 251 57 Richard III by WisesnailArt Richard III :iconwisesnailart:WisesnailArt 618 80
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Bride of Mordor - Chapter 3 :iconazukiel:Azukiel 18 31
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Good girl - Tom Hiddleston x Reader x Loki :iconfakek:FakeK 287 158
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Her Prince - Thor x Reader (Lemon) Two-shot Part 1 :iconfakek:FakeK 320 93
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To The Outcasts Hiding in Plain Sight

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 7, 2015, 8:36 PM
While I was writing tonight, I received a phone call from my friend and learned that her sister had taken, not only her life, but her two-month old son's life as well. I may not know what she had been feeling at that time - be it anger, isolation, hopelessness, depression, or despair. I do know, however, what it feels to be alone, drowning in your own tears and screaming until your throat is raw, but to no avail. I'm familiar with the cold breath of depression breathing down your neck, whispering for you to pick up the blade, to open the bottle, to jump, or to just stop breathing. 

I know.

But I also know what it feels like to be on the side that loses someone.

For the past six years, I have lost at least one loved one to cancer every year. In the past four years, I've also lost a friend to depression every year. In my nineteen years of living, I have attended fifteen funerals and only three weddings. I have loved and lost countless times and I have no doubt that I will keeping losing people, but I have faith and hope that these future deaths would come from old age - from a fulfilled life of struggle, strength, and love.

To my lovely readers, my insane watchers, my fellow outsiders, and anyone in the DeviantArt community, I beg of you from the bottom of my heart to please lend a hand to others, give a smile or thanks, post a comment, send a text, write a letter, paint a picture, and give it to someone. Let them know you are there. It does unimaginable wonders.

For anyone who needs someone to talk to, please don't hesitate to send me a note. I will reply and I won't turn you away - no matter how insane the situation. 

s k i n b y p y e k


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